Amazon’s Most Economical Kindle Has Been Upgraded With A Front Light and Improved Screen

Amazon Kindle
Written by Rebecca Daily

Amazon has rolled out a new version of its most economical Kindle e-reader with an enhanced screen and a reading light, a feature that used to roll out in its more expensive devices.

Costing a little more i.e. £10 than the previous generation, the new Kindle that has a 6in e-ink display with an adjustable front light is available at £69.99.  The front light projects from the sides to make the screen readable in the night.

Eric Saarnio, the European head of Amazon devices says that the customers consistently let them knew how badly they need a front light on Kindle devices, so they can read in anywhere, particularly in bed in the night while using low lights. He added that this was the first Kindle under £100 with a built-in adjustable front light.

The latest version of Kindle does not only feature a similar light to the Kindle Paperwhite but also imitates its design from 2015, with rounded plastic sides, a bottom chin and a lip to the screen where the front light is placed.

The device weighs 174g and is 8.7mm thick, making it 0.4mm thinner but 13g heavier than the previous version. Although, Amazon says it still makes it easy to read while holding in one hand.

Polished with the modern e-ink technology, the Kindle’s 6in display has the same 167 pixels per inch screen density as the previous one. It’s just over half the resolution of Amazon’s crisper and more expensive Kindles but has better contrast for improved reading.

The new Kindle also get rid of the infrared-based touch system for an enhanced capacitive touchscreen. Its the same technology used in smartphones and Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, which should be more flexible and less vulnerable to errant swipes.

The company claims that the redesigned e-reader still has a six-week battery life assumed on 30 minutes of reading a day with wifi turned off.

The Kindle also supports Amazon’s Audible audiobooks, a feature first introduced with the Kindle Oasis in 2016, costing £270, and storage enough to hold 14 audiobooks or thousands of ebooks as is standard with Amazon’s e-readers.

Further, the updated device that now costs £69.99 and is available for pre-order, shipping on 10 April, in black or white with a range of cases available.

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