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Israeli Moon passes final test as it prepares for final take-off

Israeli Moon passes final test as it prepares for final take-off
Written by Caterina Ferrara

The first moon lander of Israel has successfully cleared its final test before it prepares for its historic take off on the upcoming February 18. Named as SpacelL, the lander is expected to first orbit the earth through expanding ellipses. Then after two months, it will get into the lunar body’s orbit where it plans to land somewhere between the landing sites of the United States’ Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 mission.

Dubbed famously as “Beresheet” which means ‘Genesis’ in Hebrew, Israeli scientists will send a box of various scientific instruments apart from a ‘digital time capsule’. Some prominent private investors have backed up this project which includes Morris Kahn who is the co-founder of the country’s biggest tech company Amdocs and Sheldon Adelson who currently owns one of the biggest casinos of the US. Dr. Ido Anteby who is the director of space is currently leading this mission. He stated how the whole team is excited about this mission.

The former Soviet Union and the United States were the first countries to send their respective lunar missions to the moon starting from 1966. Six years ago during early 2013, China became the third country to do so. Earlier this year also, the Communist nations had been successful in landing another mission on the moon’s polar region.

Although Israel has successfully launched numerous satellites before, however, this year’s launch will be country’s first spacecraft. If the mission becomes successful, then the country will become only fourth nation in the history to carry out unmanned vessel landing on the lunar body.   

The lander is round in shape and has four legs made up of carbon-fiber. It is 1.5 m of size and has a weight of around 585 kg. The digital time capsule is a disc of space-resilient type and is a single piece that withholds drawings made by kids stored digitally, Israeli Culture information and some related photographs apart from certain information on humanity.

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